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Pucca is a Korean girl who's deeply in love with Garu. Pucca chooses not to speak, instead communicating with giggling, laughing, and growling sounds. Pucca lives with the 3 Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong Restaurant, who are her uncles. She also delivers noodles from the restaurant on her scooter. Pucca has very long black hair, but usually wears it in the odango style.

Pucca joined Patricia the Skunk and her friends during The Alliance of Suffering Saga after a sudden murdered to both Pan and her best friend Ching, Determent to get revenge for what happened to even her own hometown, She become unstable and would murder anyone who try to stop her or her friends without learning of the damages she does like when she broke Mei back when she was under the Villainous Alliance control. Even more after she was kidnapped after having her power drained by Mokevu the Witch Doctor and was put behind bars by Archer the Crocodile.

After Tobe get his revenge by injuring and tormenting, Pucca rage begin to grow more and after Mokevu death, Taking his power with him. Pucca break out, Murdering the ninja henchmen that trying to hold her down, Including Adoranz Hallewell, All while her Level of Violence(LV) increases up to 19 near Genocide level. However when Tobe threaten to kill Garu if Pucca do more hard, She let her strength down and leave back to Sooga Village with Garu, Crying that she is now feared by almost everyone.


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  • Dumpling, Ho and Linguini (Uncles/Possibly Adopted)




Although she isn't a ninja she has demonstrated some unique abilities of her own that make up for what she lacks in training. Some of these abilities are: a nearly indestructible head, the ability to run on water, to 'transform'into ether a Sailor Scout or a mermaid, and immense strength. Though she is typically sweet-natured, Pucca can be temperamental when she does not get what she wants.

She is often referred to being a goddess of weather as she caused rain clouds and wind to form: either when the Master Chefs' feuding got annoying or when Ring Ring pushed her too far by taking Garu from her, causing her to fly away when the winds got too much.


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