What About

What Happened

Prologue: Meet the Newcoming Contestants

The Saga begins with 22 brand new contestants have selected to spend in a Dangerous wild Island like the original 22 contestants before them & have to face the judgement of their fellow campers, with one team who wins a challenge, while the other team who lost the challenge will send one of their own teammates home. The teams are formed in as the blue team, the Frostbites & the yellow team, the Watersoakers.

Day 1: Not So Happy Campers (Victory: FrostBites)

Sink or Swim Cliff Dive

The two teams arrive at a tall cliff in the morning, knowing that their first challenge will reach to new heights. The first task is jumping off a thousand foot high cliff into the lake with two target areas, but the danger zone is filled with psychotic man eating sharks, while the safe zone is the target area. The Winning Team will win an Extra Special Tool as an Advantage for the Next Challenge, which is building a hot tub back at the campgrounds. After Lujuan of the Frostbites, successfully made it to the safe zone, the rest get ready to follow suite, with Balrog, Emerald, Shantae, Christie, Donkey Kong, Retsuko, Grizz, Xiang-Ling, Leaf, Octavia, Kano, Tobe, Rainbow Mika, Yori landing in the safe zone, while Bubsy, Crash, Vanoss & Unikitty lands in the danger zone, with Bubsy taking a brutal beating from the sharks the most out of every contestant in this challenge. With both teams tied at 8 to 8 jumpers, Faith successfully made the safe zone landing, while Min Min missed the safe zone target, which means the Watersoakers wins the advantage with extra gear.

Sink or Swim, Hot Tub Building

While both teams carry their supplies to the campgrounds, all, except Bubsy, begin building their hot tubs, while Kano realised that the bobcat is missing, until he came back recovered with bandages, only to be told by Kano to don't touch anything. However once both tubs are complete, Doomsday & Fluttershy helps SplitSide on picking the best hot tub. With the results are in with the Frostbites having a pretty impressive hot tub, but due to Bubsy's meddling on the ropes of the Watersoaker's hot tub, it snapped one of the wood loose, causing a leak that drained the water, which means the FrostBites win their first challenge & rock their hot tub for the rest of the summer, while the Watersoakers, who are very cross with Bubsy's meddling that cost them the challenge, will have to settle this in the Campfire Ceremony.

Campire Ceremony (Eliminated: Bubsy)

The Watersoakers arrive at the Bonfire, to begin the ceremony, with SplitSide explaining the rules that the losing team must cast their votes on the camper they want to send home, when the host calls out your name, the camper must come up & claim their marshmellow, however if the eliminated camper doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediately return to the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers, meaning that they're out of the contest & can never come back, ever. With ten marshmellows on the plate, the ceremony begins. The first 5 marshmallows go to Christie, R.Mika, Shantae, Tobe, Yori. The next 4 marshmellows go to Donkey Kong, Crash, Faith & Retsuko. With both Bubsy & Kano at the bottom two, they wait anxiously for their final marshmellow of the evening. The final marshmallow goes to... Kano, meaning Bubsy is voted out of the island by everyone else. Donkey Kong tapes Bubsy mouth before he rambles on, as DK tosses the bobcat away onto the Boat of Losers, to finally send the most hated bobcat away & out of the island. It means that the Watersoakers now have a chance to bounce back for next time.

Day 2: The Big Sleep (Victory: WaterSoakers)

The Frostbites & the Watersoakers both wake up early in the morning to prepare for a 20 kilometre around the lake & they start their running to get to the Feast in time. The Campers that arrived in time in order are Unikitty, Retsuko, Grizz, Leaf, Octavia, Emerald, Crash, Donkey Kong, Yori, Lujuan & Kaya makes it in time before time runs out, leaving Balrog, Min Min, Vanoss, Xiang-Ling, Christie, Faith, Kano, Rainbow Mika, Shantae & Tobe to finish after the timer is up. However the Feast was actually planned to be an even more disadvantage along with a 20k run for the real challenge, which is the Awake-a-thon, meaning the team with the last person wide awake wins invincibility. As the challenge starts at nightfall, Lujuan is already falling asleep normally on 8:00pm sharp & as time progresses, many others like Grizz, Balrog, Crash, DK quickly fall asleep as well, while Kaya, Min Min & Faith fall asleep as well. Other that have eaten the Feast are struggling to stay awake, while Retsuko, Shantae, York, Xiang-Ling, Leaf, Octavia, Christie & R.Mika fall asleep, leaving Vanoss, Emerald, Kano & Tobe left wide awake, until Fluttershy begins telling a small story book, leaving Tobe & Emerald passed out to a cute tale, while Kano charges his eye for extra boost, leaving Vanoss passed out last, while calling him a cheating chump, with Kano for the win for the WaterSoakers.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: The Grizz)

The Frostbites are now at the Campfire Ceremony, having cast their votes & made their decisions, since now there are 10 Blue Marshmellows on the plate, SplitSide explains the rules again to the Frostbites, making sure that every camper knows the rules of the Campfire Ceremony, which is ready to begin. The first two blue marshmallows go to Xiang-Ling & Emerald. Next up are Leaf & Octavia, Unikitty, Kaya & Min Min, Vanoss. Leaving 2 marshmellows left, going to Balrog and finally.... Lujuan. Meaning the Grizz was voted out as 2nd last, because the teammates can't trust a gang leader of criminals, but on the bright side Grizz's placing was above Bubsy. As the Grizz leave the island, hoping he wins the chance to come back, despite the rule of never coming back to the island.

Day 3: DodgeBrawl (Victory: FrostBites)

The two teams arrive at the Outdoors Gym for a classic game of Dodgeball for their challenge, since they know the rules, they're more than ready to play to get 3 points to win. The First Round begins with 5 team members for each team their representing.

Round 1 (FrostBites - 1 / WaterSoakers - 0)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Balrog, Leaf, Octavia, Min Min
  • WaterSoakers - Retsuko, Kano, Crash, Faith, Shantae
  • Out - Min Min, Faith, Balrog, Shantae, Leaf, Octavia, Kano, Crash, Retsuko
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald (FrostBites)

Round 2 (FrostBites - 2 / WaterSoakers - 0)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Kaya, Vanoss, Unikitty & Balrog
  • WaterSoakers - Christie, R.Mika, Donkey Kong, Crash & Tobe
  • Out - Vanoss, Unikitty, Crash, Tobe, Balrog, DK, Christie, Kaya, R.Mika
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald (FrostBites)

Round 3 (FrostBites - 2 / WaterSoakers - 1)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Lujuan, Leaf, Octavia, Kayla
  • WaterSoakers - Kano, Christie, R.Mika, Retsuko, Crash
  • Out - Emerald, Crash, Lujuan, Christie, R.Mika, Kaya, Leaf & Octavia
  • Sole Survivor: Kano & Retsuko (WaterSoakers)

Round 4 (FrostBites - 3 / WaterSoakers - 1)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Xiang-Ling, Min Min, Balrog & Unikitty
    • Catcher's Extras - Kaya
  • WaterSoakers - Kano, Christie, R.Mika, Retsuko, DK
    • Catcher's Extras - Crash
  • Out - Emerald, Crash, Lujuan, Christie, R.Mika, Kaya, Leaf & Octavia, DK, Retsuko, Min Min, Balrog, Christie, Crash
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald & Kaya (FrostBites)

Even after an emotional Sudden Death, Emerald beat Crash & win for the FrostBites, now remember to control her strength so she doesn't nearly injure Crash or anyone else like that again. Thou Crash is actually smiling & is proud of her, much to her happiness.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Crash)

Later that night, with 9 Yellow Marshmellows & only 10 members of the WaterSoakers only one camper will be going home & can never come back ever. The ceremony begins with the first marshmellow go to Faith & Yori. Next up, Christie & R.Mika, DK & Shantae, Tobe & Kano. With Crash & Retsuko the only two left & with only one marshmellow left. The Final marshmellow goes to... Retsuko. It is clear that Crash is eliminated for his own safety due to being the punching bag of Dodgeball. However Crash understands that he sees this coming following the aftermath as he get embraced by the hugs from Retsuko & the rest of the females, Crash leaves for home on the Boat of Losers.

Day 4: Not Quite Famous (Victory: FrostBites)

The 19 campers wakes up to see a large stage with Red Curtians. SplitSide arrives to explain to them that they're challenge is a Summer Camp Favourite, a Talent Show. Each team must pick the most 3 talented people to preform for Doomsday & Fluttershy, who are the judges, anything goes, even with partners on only music & magic based, as long as it's legal, much to Balrog & Kano's misfortune. As the teams got time to practice & pick out the most talented campers of them all. For the FrostBites are Xiang-Ling with Emerald on music based, Min Min with her noodles cooking skills & Kaya with her Ice Arrows. And for the WaterSoakers, it will be Tobe with his skills, Christie with her lovely Capoeira Dance & Donkey Kong with his feats of strength. With all 6 Talent Show contestants ready to represent their team, the Talent Show Challenge begins.

  • DK's Feats of Strength Challenge: Juggling Giant Boulders before tossing them in the air & jumps up to preform wind up powered punches at the boulders to smash them into tiny harmless pebbles before landing on his feet. (Fluttershy: 8/10, Doomsday: 10/10, Total: 18/20)
  • Kaya's Ice Archery Talent: Kaya shoots 2 arrows into the sky, turning & creating into Snow Eagles as they fly above the stadium, with some extra snow creating a snow mammoth under Kaya, which it launches her up to the Snow Eagles in term they form rings for her to jump through it before she lands on Snow Mammoth trunk. (Fluttershy: 10/10, Doomsday: 7/10, Total: 17/20)
  • Christie's Capoeira Dance: Christie preforms her Capoeira Dance, feeling the music & the rhythm of the music flowing within her, while also preforming her Capoeira moves on breaking the targets to the beat of the music, while also using her Samba Feathers to hover & fly while dancing before landing down gracefully with a pose. (Fluttershy: 9/10, Doomsday: 8/10, Total: 17/20)
  • Min Min's Noodles Cooking Talent: Min Min begins cooking her famous noodles, while using her pots & pans for juggling them before using her long arms for extra reach to catch them without spilling anything, before she finishes the act by catching the freshly cooked noodles from the sky with all 6 bowls. (Fluttershy: 9/10, Doomsday: 7/10, Total: 16/20)
  • Tobe's Ninja Skills: Tobe starts off easy with his Ninja Stars being balance on his sword, while preforming more ninja skills, however he accidently slice the support beam by mistake. (Fluttershy: 6/10, Doomsday: 6/10, Total: 12/20)
  • Xiang-Ling & Emerald's Duet Piano/Singing Music Act: Both sisters play the song "Ashes", while Emerald sings the lyrics, while Xiang-along plays the piano to provide the music. (Fluttershy: 10/10, Doomsday: 10/10, Total: 20/20)
  • Total - FrostBites: 53/60, WaterSoakers: 47/60

With Tobe's Blunder, Xiang-Ling & Emerald manage to make most of them cry in happy tears, remembering their times in the past, even Doomsday shed a single tear that would never happy again in a lifetime. Leaving the FrostBites on a winning streak, with the WaterSoakers, mostly emotional Members, have to pick someone home.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Tobe)

With the WaterSoakers back at the Campfire Ceremony with 8 Yellow Marshmellows on the plate, the ceremony begins once again. Christie & DK get the first two Marshmellows, followed by R.Mika & Shantae, then Yori & Faith & Retsuko. With Kano & Tobe, the Final marshmellow who deserve it more goes to... Kano. Tobe's elimination was a no brainer since his blunder cost the team the challenge. But the team we're still proud of Tobe for at least trying his best, even Kano wished Tobe the best of luck to him, adding that even Archer would be proud. Tobe bows to the team, wishing them good luck as well as he leaves on the boat of losers.

Day 5: The Sucky Outdoors (Victory: WaterSoakers)

For today's challenge will test both teams & their outdoor survival skills, all they have to do is to spend one night in the woods & make it back here first thing tomorrow morning. First team back wins invincibility, as SplitSide hand the teams their maps & compasses, he warns them on watching out for bears in the woods, no offence to Lujuan, who thinks is a good idea to make friends with them to keep them occupied. Both teams head out into the woods to find two seperate camping spots to set up camp for the night, while they look for firewood to start a campfire & also, finding food like catching fish, picking berries & bananas as well as setting up tents & keep a watchful eye out for bears, unaware that Lujuan & Balrog headed out to find bears, only to realise that the Bears immiediately took a liking to Lujuan & were occupied with her because of it. Without the worry of bears lurking about, both teams enjoy a peaceful nightout in camping, while Xiang-Ling & Emerald head out to find Lujuan & Balrog, while Balrog is sleeping in the bush. The next morning, as the sun rises, both teams wake up, while the WaterSoakers quickly hurry back to the main campsite first, while the FrostBites found Lujuan, Emerald, Xiang-Ling & Balrog & hurry back to camp too late, due to their map ruined by muddy paw prints. With that being said the WaterSoakers finally wins the challenge together, with the WaterSoakers getting ready to figure out on who is going home.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Balrog)

With the Frostbites at the Ceremony, with only 9 Blue Marshmellows on the plate, only one person will be voted off & can never return to camp, ever. The Marshmellows go to... Unikitty & Vanoss, Leaf & Octavia, Kaya & Min Min. Only 3 Marshmellows left & only 4 players as the Marshmellows go to... Xiang-Ling & Emerald, much to their relief & happiness. With Lujuan & Balrog left, the last marshmellow goes to... Lujuan. Balrog at first is ok seeing how he wasn't gonna last long in the tf show, until the cutesy bubbly panda girl explained that she innocently found a ring that preforms Mind control, causing the group To think that Balrog would Mind control the teammates in his favour. The truth/accusation cause Balrog to snap, but was put in a straight & sent home on the boat of losers by Doomsday, proving that cheaters never prosper.

Day 6: Phobia Factor (Victory: FrostBites)

The challenge is called Phobia Factor on the teams facing their worst fears as listed, with Xiang-Ling's fear being toned down because of past reasons best left unknown, the team with the most contestants that conquers their worst fears wins the challenge & invincibility. While the fears from the new contestants are:

  • Emerald - Snakes (Conquered)
  • Kaya - Dark Clouds with Dark Skeletons (Barely Passed)
  • Leaf - Vanguard Troops (Conquered)
  • Lujuan - Paper/Mainly Bills (Failed)
  • Min Min - Hedlock (Conquered)
  • Octavia - PC Justice (Conquered)
  • Unikitty - World without Happiness (Failed)
  • Vanoss - Fear of his channel being Hacked (Conquered)
  • Xiang-Ling - Never Catching Big Pete (Conquered)
  • Christie - Being Buried Alive (Conquered)
  • DK - Bananas being Crushed (Conquered)
  • Faith - Mutated Zombies (Failed)
  • Kano - Lucy (Barely Passed)
  • Rainbow Mika - Bears (Conquered)
  • Retsuko - Unknown Dinner Party Murderer (Conquered)
  • Shantae - Pirate Master/Nega Shantae (Conquered)
  • Yori - Getting Covered during Super Hero (Almost Passed, but Failed)
  • Total: FrostBites - 7/9, WaterSoakers - 6/8

And with Kaya manages to conquer her fear, the FrostBites win invincibility, while the WaterSoakers will have to send one of their own home.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Faith)

With the WaterSoakers at the Ceremony with 7 Marshmellows, the ceremony begins with DK & Kano getting the first two Marshmellows. Then another pair goes to Retsuko & Shantae. And the 3rd pair for R.Mika & Christie. Leaving Faith & Yori left with one marshmellow, which it goes to... Yori. Faith knows why she is eliminated since she is guilty of her cowardiance of zombies that made her an orphan in the first place. But the teammates cheer her up saying that she has done her best eitherway & Papyrus will be proud of her coming a long way. As Faith leaves with happy tears, knowing she tried her best. The WaterSoaker get themselves ready for bed, knowing that a nice canoe trip for next time will help pull themselves out of the water.

Day 7: Up the Creek (Victory: WaterSoakers)

Today's challenge for both teams is a summer camp experience, a canoe trip to Spinal's Shipwreck Island. When they get there, they must portage their canoes to the other side of the island which is a 2 hour hike through deep treacherous jungle to the beach & when they make it there, they must build the best rescue fire the best they can that will be judged by SplitSide himself, the campers head out but not before getting a warning about the curse on the island that must never take the cursed treasures out of the island, like last time, even being reminded on what Ripper Roo did last time. The two groups begin paddling, while the WaterSoakers are doing the best they can in teamwork, since they don't want to risk losing another of their teammates. Both teams make it there, with their canoes getting holes by crashing into rocks due to rough waters on the island, before the team's run with their canoes to run away from the Monstrous Cats, the Wild Dogs & the Monster Mammoths. DK manage to knock the dead trees down to block the Wild Dogs' path, while Emerald tosses some cold fishes to feed the Monstrous Cats with, while Kaya gently comforting the Monster Mammoths. The teams manage to escape while Kaya stays behind being shown to the cave of treasures by a Monster Mammoth who fears about the curse, even thou Kaya doesn't know how to undo the curse, thou until then, it's best to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, both teams take two different paths with the WaterSoakers on the left while running faster, while the FrostBites takes the shorter path on the right. Despite that the WaterSoakers makes it to the beach first and begins building their rescue fire to make it big, bright and bold. The FrostBites make it next, knowing the opposing team gets a head start with Emerald, Xiang-Ling, Vanoss, Min Min and even Octavia who shot Unikitty in the blocky butt, who bursts into anger on making their fire bright. Suddenly the WaterSoakers quickly makes the fire bigger, even with Retsuko raging on about not losing now, as she quickly slashes the trees down to chop them into logs for the firewood before grabbing something from Kano's ppocket which is a mini flamethrower she used to set their rescue fire a blaze with size & power, securing the WaterSoakers with a big blazing comeback win. While the FrostBites who have lost, has to sent the odd one out home, which is a toughie choice to make.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Lujuan)

With the FrostBites now the axienty enduring marshmellow ceremony, they have 8 Blue Marshmellows, but only 9 players. Only one who is considered the one odd out will leave the island by taking a ride on the boat of losers. After SplitSide wishing the FrostBites goodluck, the ceremony begins with the Marshmellows go to the following names that are... Emerald, Xiang-Ling, Unikitty... Kaya, Vanoss, Min Min. With 2 Marshmellows left & three campers left, the next marshmellow goes to... Leaf. Leaving Lujuan & Octavia left, the last marshmellow goes to... Octavia. Lujuan understands since she doesn't want to get fat from eating Marshmellows. Thou according to Octavia, thinking that's for the best, because Lujuan's cute stupidity had slowed the team down abit, thou to everyone else that it's a tough voting session to go through as the teammates cuddle Lujuan as the panda girl leaves for the Boat of Losers, but not before finding a gem from the Shipwreck Island & giving it to the boat driver to take care of it, only for the driver to turn into gold before it made the boat sink. But Lujuan is a good swimmer & instead swims for home, leaving Kaya confused on how she found it in the first place even thou the cave of cursed treasures being kept a secret. While SplitSide gives the FrostBites a hint that they are going paintball deer hunting in a Splatoon style challenge that will be the most colourful episode yet.

Day 8: Paintball Deer Hunt (Victory: WaterSoakers)

The teams awaken to see a supplies of splatoon weapons & paintball guns. SplitSide explains that the challenge is the Splatoon stylised Paintball Deer Hunt that the teammates dressed as hunters with styling glasses & wicked camo caps must splattered the opposing team members as deer. The team with the least amount of splattered teammates wins, while the losers with the most splattered teammates will be sending someone home via Campfire Ceremony. The hunters & deer are as followed:

  • FrostBites Hunters: Min Min, Unikitty, Vanoss, Xiang-Ling
  • FrostBites Deer: Emerald, Kaya, Leaf, Octavia
  • WaterSoakers Hunters: Christie, R.Mika, Retsuko & Yori
  • WaterSoakers Deer: DK, Kano, Shantae

The Deer got a 10 minute headstart to spread out & hide in different hiding spots, while both Kano & Octavia are easily not too happy about being Deer, knowing that if they even take these antlers, noses & white tails off, their teams are toast. The deer Manage to find hiding spots with Emerald behind boulders, Kaya inside a hole in the ground, Leaf in the bushes, Octavia in her own hiding spot, DK within the leaves of the trees, Kano inside a dark cave & Shantae in the large field of flowers. The hunt begins as both teams begins heading out to start searching, as Christie & R.Mika spot Leaf, who tries to dodge the paint & escape with ninja like speed, Retsuko chops a tree branch down to hit Leaf to slow her down long enough to be splattered first, in term that Octavia predicted. Meanwhile the hunt continues while Xiang-Ling making sure her paint gun is loaded but accidently shot at DK from his hiding & quickly chases after the ape with Vanoss & Unikitty, while Min Min explore the caves to find Kano. Both Christie & R.Mika found Emerald who quickly uses parkour skills to escape, but R.Mika give chase, however Xiang-Ling got her leg stuck in the camoflauged hole where Kaya is hiding, while Christie begins flooding the hole with yellow paint with Retsuko's help, but Kaya tries to stay away from the paint. As the challenge rage on, R.Mika & Emerald got into a battle that is evenly matched but nudged on Emerald's favour, but R.Mika is wasn't willing to give up that easily. Meanwhile Min Min found Kano in the cave by finding his glowing cybernetic eye, but Kano preforms a mid air roll out of the cave at fair speed & Min Min chases Kano who both ran on foot. R.Mika quickly splatters the escaping Emerald, while Unikitty uses her magic to freeze DK in place for her, Xiang-Ling & Vanoss to splattered DK. Meanwhile Retsuko quickly floods the hole enough to cover a dizzying Kaya to float up & get covered in yellow paint, while Emerald pulls her out of the hole. Next Min Min trips Kano for Vanoss & Xiang-Ling to splat him with blue paint. With both teams down to one deer each Octavia for FrostBites & Shantae for WaterSoakers. Both teams search even more while WaterSoakers manages to find Octavia, but we're suddenly attacked by Octavia, who has Vanguards' special training as a skilled assassian, having breaking Christie's arm & Retsuko's nose & knocking R.Mika unconscious, but was splattered with a paint ball head shot that ended the violent attacks. It was found out that it was Yori's who took off everything to become truly invisible to splattered Octavia for Yori, Shantae & the WaterSoakers to win in a 4 - 2 score, but it was bitter sweet while getting healed up with healing potions. SplitSide help award the WaterSoakers with a Splatoon Shindig, while giving Retsuko karaoke to help her calm down, with the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook to help out with that, while seeing the FrostBites at the Campfire Ceremony once again. But as both teams left, Kano appears to find Octavia useful once the show is over.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Octavia)

The FrostBites arrive to be seated seeing 7 Blue Marshmellows on the plate, with the ceremony begins since they knew the rules. The first bunch of Marshmellows go to Min Min, Unikitty, Vanoss, Xiang-Ling. Next up... is Emerald... Kaya... leaving only both rivals, Leaf & Octavia for the final marshmellow for tonight. For the last marshmellow goes to... Leaf. Octavia is eliminated because she is a loose cannon & cannot afford anymore injuries to the other campers in this show. Octavia threathens them to be strangled to death, especially to Leaf, due to their ongoing feud. Octavia leaves on the Boat of Losers home, while SplitSide cheer the rest of the campers up with the next challenge in need of cooking skills in the kitchen, much to Min Min's delight, being head chef for the FrostBites. While the campers go to sleep, they were completely unaware that Octavia & Kano made an alliance even with Octavia's Elimination & even after the show, which means only one thing... Octavia had joined the Black Dragon Clan as their newest member.

Day 9: If You Can't Take the Heat... (Victory: FrostBites?)

3 Course Cooking Challenge

Today's challenge will test the teams' minds, teamwork & skills in the kitchen. The cooking challenge is all about cooking a 3 course meal for tasting. The best meals win, while the losers will send someone home. Each team must appoint a head chef, a theme for the meals & oversee the cooking. As the shipment of food arrives, today's task starts there. As the teams carry their ingredients inside, Min Min will be Head Chef for the FrostBites, while Retsuko will be Head Chef for the WaterSoakers since she had a backstage tour of the kitchen & diner, while she is the new president of Mobius recently. The teams partner up since there's 3 courses & only 7 campers in each team.

  • FrostBites Appetiser: Unikitty, Leaf & Vanoss (Dumplings)
  • WaterSoakers Appetiser: Christie & R.Mika & Retsuko (Jungle Themed Fruit Salad with Shreaded Coconuts)
  • FrostBites Main Course: Xiang-Ling & Min Min (Ramen Noodles)
  • WaterSoakers Main Course: Kano & Yori (Roasted Meat with Honey flavour)
  • FrostBites Dessert: Moon Cake (Kaya & Emerald)
  • WaterSoakers Dessert: DK & Shantae (Banana Smoothies)

The Two Teams begin cooking the best they can on making the highest quality of their 3 meals for the judges. They start off with the Appetisers with the Dumplings & Fruit Salad with shredded coconut. Both Doomsday & Fluttershy loved the Dumplings more than the salad, so the first point goes to the FrostBites. Next up is the Main Course with the Ramen Noodles & the Roasted Meat with Honey Flavour. However both judges really liked both dishes, with Fluttershy liking the noodles & Doomsday liking the Roasted Meat, with the 2nd round being a tie with a 2-1 advantage for FrostBites. And finally, the 3rd & final course is Desserts, with the Moon Cake & Banana Smoothies. Fluttershy likes both desserts, but Doomsday likes the Moon Cake more, leading the FrostBites with a 3-1 win with a reward being a 5-star dinner under the stars. While the WaterSoakers are willing to go to the bonfire to begin the ceremony. Even Retsuko couldn't believe that they lost to a Moon Cake.

Campfire Ceremony/Unikitty's Magical Shocker (True Winner: WaterSokaers) (Eliminated: Unikitty)

With 6 Yellow Marshmellows on the plate, the WaterSoakers have cast their votes & made their decisions. With that being said, the ceremony begins with the Marshmellows going to... Yori, Christie, R.Mika... Shantae. With DK, Kano & Retsuko left & only 2 Marshmellows, SplitSide is about to reveal who gets the last 2 Marshmellows, until Doomsday came with a message & some video footage. SplitSide reads the message & explains to the WaterSoakers on about one of the teammates happens to be caught cheating using outside ingredients that are not from the shipment. The video footage reveals that it's not one of the WaterSoakers, but instead a member of the FrostBites accidentally burnt the Dumplings while Emerald is not looking & used flavour magic to fix the Dumplings, but also give the Moon Cake an extra boost, the unexpected cheater happens to be Unikitty, much to the shock & surprise of the WaterSoakers that they been beaten unfairly because of her. Unikitty comes back eating a meal, but was greeted by SplitSide & the WaterSoakers & then saw the footage on what she did. Due to her magical cheating, Unikitty was suddenly eliminated for costing the FrostBites the win instead later that night, which now makes the WaterSoakers true winners of the cook off & the reward.

Day 10: Who Can You Trust? (Winner: ???)

The previous challenge that has a shockingly revelation exposed a few melting hot FrostBites issue & sensing some cold water in the WaterSoakers' pond too. So today's challenge is 5 rounds of building trust.

Round 1: Rock Climbing Adventure (1 - 0)

The First challenge is a Rock Climbing Adventure. SplitSide & Doomsday chooses:

  • FrostBites: Xiang-Ling & Vanoss
  • WaterSoakers: Retsuko & DK

Both DK & Vanoss begin climbing while avoiding the rusty nails, oil slicks & mild explosives, while Retsuko is having the most trouble hoisting DK up, but she went full heavy metal pulling him up, causing DK to try & catch up to the pulling, while Vanoss continues climbing to catch up while Xiang-Ling helps pull up. However, Vanoss accidentally triggers an explosive that blasted him skywards to the top first to win the first round for the FrostBites, while DK's top hair is burnt off.

Round 2: Extreme Cooking Challenge (1 - 1)

Round 2 is cooking Fugu Shashimi, the traditional Japanese Poisonous Blowfish, which has enough toxins to kill 30 people. And in order to make the dish, they must slice very carefully around the poisonous organs that can paralyse the nerve if not careful. SplitSide chooses the Cutters & Taste Testers that are:

  • FrostBites: Min Min & Emerald
  • WaterSoakers: Kano & R.Mika

Both cutters prepare their dishes, while Kano is done surprisingly well due to his years of experience with knives. And once both Kano & Min Min are finished, Kano's experience payed off as R.Mika enjoys the dish without any poisons. Thou Min Min's dish felt a bit too advanced for her & had a tiny pinch of poison by accident that the Blowfish' poisonous organ had been punctured & when Emerald ate it, she said a fake curse word about crabs as she fall backwards, tripping on seeing Memes while her eyes glow a rainbow. Meaning Kano & R.Mika wins Round 2, while Emerald has her healing factor that she can be good as new in 24 hours & is giving support with an antidote.

Round 3: Blind Challenge #1: Blind Reverse William Tell (1 - 2)

Rounds 3, 4 & 5 are the 3 Blind Challenges, starting with Round 3 with the Blind Reverse version of William Tell on knocking the arrows off of their partner's head with crab apples while causing the least amount of facial damage, with the Shooter being blindfolded. The team that knocks off the arrow first, wins. SplitSide chooses:

  • FrostBites: Kaya & Vanoss
  • WaterSoakers: Shantae & Christie

Vanoss & Christie got their slingshots ready while wearing blindfolds & begins shooting crab apples to try & knock off Kaya & Shantae's arrows. However Vanoss begins shooting apples everywhere, unlike his auto aim, hitting Emerald, a bear, a duck, a Sasquatchnakwa & even Lujuan from far away at one point, missing more & more, while Christie gets better with her aiming & finally trusted her instincts & her team long enough to hit the arrow with a crab Apple to get a bullseye.

Round 4: Blind Challenge #2: Blind Trapeez (2 - 2)

Round 4 is the Blind Trapeez over a pond of Jellyfish. 2 teams must await the platforms, while the swingers tell the jumpers to jump & hopefully catch them or else it's a painful swim. SplitSide picks:

  • FrostBites: Xiang-Ling & Leaf
  • WaterSoakers: Yori & Retsuko

Both teams start the Trapeez with the jumpers being blindfolded, with Xiang-Ling & Leaf successfully completed the Trapeez, while due to Yori's being invisible with invisible arms & hands, she fails to catch Retsuko who fell & suffer major stings from the jellyfish. While the WaterSoakers help Retsuko get to the hospital staff, Round 4 goes to the FrostBites.

Round 5: Blind Challenge #3: Blind Tobogen Race (3 - 2)

Round 5 is the Tie Breaking Round, the Blind Tobogen Race. The driver steers while the Navigator shouts directions because the driver will be blindfolded. SplitSide pick the Final 2 of each team, both the Driver & Navigator respectively, which are:

  • FrostBites: Min Min, Kaya
  • WaterSoakers: DK & Kano

Both teams begins sledding down the biggest hill of the island, avoiding trees, rocks & even explosives, while the navigators Kaya & Kano shouts directions, while the drivers Min Min & DK listen & steer to follow the instructions. However, as the race goes on, Kaya & Min Min gain speed since they are lighter than DK & Kano, who leans forward to gain speed, but the FrostBites cross the finish line first at the last second to win the Trust Challenges, 3 out of 5.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Retsuko)

With 6 Yellow Marshmellows of safety on the plate, if someone of the WaterSoakers doesn't get a marshmellow must walk the Dock of Shame & can never come back, ever. The first three Marshmellows go to Christie, R.Mika & Shantae. The next 2 Marshmellows go to... Yori and... Kano. Leaving DK & Retsuko with a final Marshmellow on who wants it more. For the Last Marshmellow goes to... DK. Much to Retsuko's increasing anger, only for it to be suppressed by Jellyfish stings she suffered earlier in the mishap from Yori. It is because that not only of Retsuko's more recent temper on to win, but also for her health & safety since she is the new president. Calming down, Retsuko's understands the decision & leaves being dragged there by Doomsday to sail away to home. While SplitSide let the WaterSoakers know that Doomsday & Fluttershy will be in charge of the next challenge that will be a Boot Camp challenge with Doomsday leading the challenge.

Day 11: Basic Straining (Winner: WaterSoakers)

The Boot Camp Challenge begins at the Dock in 7am, where Doomsday & Fluttershy were ready with Doomsday mostly in charge with a General's outfit on. The challenge is to survive & endure the brutal boot camp Challenges that is designed to make all of the campers drop out, except one. The last one standing wins immunity for their team. The firs time leg starts with holding the canoes over their heads the longest, without getting caught of letting go of the canoe. As time progresses, Emerald, DK & Kano we're the more stronger campers, while Yori is the first to drop out. The 2nd part for the 11 campers is eating the BootCamp food which are the leftovers of this morning's breakfast, with Kano having a strong stomach, Min Min & Christie drop out for having sensitive stomachs & couldn't take it. The 3rd part for the 9 campers is a brutal dance off of non stop danceable music, followed by Fluttershy. While Shantae is best at dancing, Leaf pulled a muscle & falls down, dropping out of the challenge. The 4th challenge for the 8 campers is completing a 300 word essay on how much they love Doomsday, but if anyone falls asleep or fails to complete the challenge, will be out. With Xiang-Ling got this done immediately due to her high intelligence, DK is bamboozled & stumped on what to write, as he & Kaya, who failed to complete it by a few words, are out. The 5th Round for the 6 campers is an obstacle course that must be completed in under 1 minute, especially with a forcefield around it that makes it fair to avoid Emerald cheating. So the 6 begins running through the course, going through tires, crawling under swinging axes, swinging ropes & climbing over walls, with Emerald completes it first despite her healing factor turned off for the remainder of the challenge. With Kano in 2nd & Vanosss & R.Mika tied for 3rd & 4th, while Shantae barely got to the finish line, but was a few seconds too late, as her & Xiang-Ling's run, who happened to be way behind, were both finished. Finally the final round is hanging upside down on thick pipes to endure the ancient form of torture of the bloodrush to their heads & dizziness. Vanoss is the first to fall to the ground, followed by R.Mika who fel in dizziness. Leaving Emerald & Kano left to hang on tightly & we're surprised on how strong Emerald was even without her healing factor. But as both of them struggle to hang even more & feeling more woozy, Kano was about to fall off, but at the last second, it was Emerald who fell first a second too early than Kano, who wins the BootCamp challenge, due to his years of experience of Black Dragon boot camp training. Doomsday give a congratulations salute to Kano, while Emerald apologises & gets comfort from the FrostBites.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Vanoss)

SplitSide arrives with only 5 Blue Marshmellows, knowing the rules that the eliminated person must return to the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers & go home & can never come back, ever. With the FrostBites feeling tired & worn out from the challenge, while Emerald is a bit emotional. The Marshmellows go to... Xiang-Ling... Kaya... Min Min... Leaf. Which leaves only an emotional Emerald in suspense, followed by Vanoss as well, who were the final two that feel like they let the team down. And only one will claim the final marshmellow. With that, the Last Marshmellow goes to... Emerald, much to the joy & emotionally happiness of both half sisters, hugging together, while Vanoss is a bit upset at first. But SplitSide knows that it's always a shock, at least now he did much better than Wildcat. And the reason being is that Emerald proves to be a bit more valuable Member of the FrostBites than anyone else & they don't want to see her eliminated. It also learns that reality shows are as real as reality shows get, as Vanoss cuddles the group, who cuddles him back to tell him goodbye & to take care, as Vanoss leaves, marking the FrostBites now an all females team of 5. Their confidence builds, more, especially Leaf, Min Min & Emerald, when SplitSide remind them that the next challenge will push them to the extreme.

Day 12: X-Treme Torture (Winner: FrostBites)

As the morning comes for today, the challenge is the Extreme Sports. A best of 3 rounds to determine the winning team who can win invincibility & a trip to the 5-star heavenly mobile showers.

Round 1: Extreme Sofa Bed SkyDiving (Emerald vs. R.Mika) (1 - 0)

The first challenge is Extreme Sofa Bed Skydiving. Players must skydive & land on a sofa bed target below from 5000 feet in an airplane, while using parachutes. Meanwhile the rest of the campers must move the sofa beds for their teammate to land on safely. The Skydivers are:

  • FrostBites: Emerald
  • WaterSokaers: R.Mika

Round 2: Extreme Rodeo Bull/Moose Ride (Min Min vs. DK) (1 - 1)

The Second Round is Extreme Rodeo Bull/Moose Ride, a rider from each team must ride the Spanish El Toro Bull or the Great Canadian Bucking Moose for the longest time to win or get hoofed off of the bull/moose into the ground. The lucky riders are:

  • FrostBites: Min Min
  • WaterSoakers: DK

Round 3: Extreme WaterSkiing (Kaya with Leaf vs. Yori with Kano) (2 - 1)

The Third & Final Round is Extreme WaterSkiing. The players on skis must collect as many flags as possible without suffering a wipeout from the opposing teams driving the jet skis that are trying to shake the opposing skiers. The Skiers & Riders respectively are:

  • FrostBites: Kaya & Leaf (Driving Yori)
  • WaterSoakers: Yori & Kano (Driving Kaya)

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Yori)

With 5 Yellow Marshmellows & only 6 campers of the WaterSoakers, the ceremony begins with the first Marshmellows going to... DK. Shantae & Christe. Kano is safe too. Which leaves with R.Mika & Yori left. The final marshmellow goes to... R.Mika. With Yori a bit disappointed, since she is a bit too hard to see & felt she let the team down after the SofaBed Skydive & Water Skiing. But the team we're proud of her eitherway when she did her best anyway as Yori leaves.

Day 13: Stomaches of Steel (Victory: FrostBites)

Stomaches of Steel Challenge (All for Reward & No Eliminations)

  • Meal 1: Dancing Diablo Chilly Peppers
  • Meal 2: Seafood Pizza
  • Meal 3: Ruined Roast
  • Meals 4 - 8: Montage (Broccili with Beans, Cheese & Milk, Spicy Hot Chilli, Skunk Scent Juice & SMG4 Speghetti)
  • Meal 9: Brain Freezing Ice Cream

Day 14: No Pain, No Game (Victory: Emerald Neon)

Big Merge Surprise (Returning: Crash & Retsuko)

While the FrostBites were on resort while the WaterSoakers are still back on the island, they got the time to share on what they can do with the money incase they win.

  • Christie - Help teach others how to preform Capoeria for her grandfather, while also helping out Mobius Brazil
  • DK - Discover & Buy all different kinds of Bananas
  • Emerald - ???
  • Kano - Buying Each Safe Area for the Gangs of the Night, to prevent themselves from getting arrested.
  • Kaya - Merging her Snow Mammoths village with the Nanman village to make it One Giant Tribal Empire.
  • Leaf - Increases her Base Defences & be more Self Aware with the Angel Forces
  • Min Min - Expand her Resturant to be more Noticable.
  • R.Mika - Open a Wrestling Ring in Mobius to bring back Wrestling to make Zangief proud.
  • Shantae - Something Special planned with her closest friend, Tracer.
  • Xiang-Ling - For a Special Back Up Device to call in reinforcements to make her Rookie Officer job easier.

After they all know each other on what can they do with their winnings incase one of them wins the competition, the FrostBites are ready to head back to the island to regroup with the WaterSoakers, so both teams can be officially dissolved. With the Big Merge already started, it's every camper for themselves from this moment forward. Even more when they were surprised to see top 2 fan favourites returning to the island, starting with Crash who spin his way into everyone's hearts after the dodgeball challenge & Retsuko who is 2nd, being the most valuable member of the WaterSoakers both heart & soul.

"Say Uncle" Challenge

Now 12 campers must survive through tests of endurance with the time honoured challenge of torture, the Say Uncle Challenge The Tortures & Contestants for Round 1 by Wheels of Choice & Misfortune are:

  • Min Min - Turtle Puck Shots (Passed)
  • Xiang-Ling - Wooden Shorts (Passed)
  • Leaf - Bee Shirt (Failed, 7 Seconds)
  • DK - Skunk Jump (Failed, 9 Seconds)
  • Crash - Electric Zap (Failed, 6 Seconds)
  • R.Mika - Poison Ivy Spa (Passed)
  • Christie - Ice Cream Brain Freeze (Failed, 8 Seconds)
  • Retsuko - New Age Music (Passed)
  • Emerald - Lake Leeches (Barely Passed)
  • Kano - Sasquatch in a Box (Passed)
  • Shantae - Snake Wrap (Passed)
  • Kaya - Ice Cream Brain Freeze (Finished in 8 Seconds, Counts as Passed)

The Tortures & Contestants for Round 2 are:

  • R.Mika - Chainsaw Hair Salon (Failed, 3 Seconds)
  • Xiang-Ling - Skunk Jump (Failed, 9 Seconds)
  • Emerald - Electric Zap (Passed)
  • Min Min - Lake Leeches (Failed, 5 Seconds)
  • Shantae - Bee Shirt (Passed)
  • Kaya - Chainsaw Hair Salon (Failed, 9 Seconds)
  • Retsuko - Nose Hairs (Failed, 4 Seconds)
  • Kano - Turtle Puck Shots (Passed)

With Emerald, Kano & Shantae left, the Round 3 Contestants & Torture Challenges are:

  • Emerald: Skunk Jump (Passed)
  • Shantae: Wooden Shorts (Failed, 7 Seconds)

With Emerald vs. Kano, their last challenge is the Grizzly Bear Log Roll. Both players begin running on the log while avoiding the piranha infested waters to avoid certain injuries. Both Emerald & Kano begin running faster & faster, trying to shake each other off. But knowing that she can't have a repeat of her loss to Kano from the BootCamp Challenge, Emerald pours more speed into her running speed, going at her fastest that her legs were more cartoonish wheels when blurred, while Kano struggles to catch up, while Emerald suddenly jumps up & stomps on the log to stop it immediately & Kano was sent flying off the log & tumbles down from the big tree, from tree branch to branch, before landing on the water, washed up on the shore with bite marks. Meaning that Emerald win she the first solo challenge & invicibility & the grand prize.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Leaf)

With the campfire ceremony with only Emerald safe, but they ran out of marshmellows, so SplitSide decided to go live to the confessionals. With one half, Xiang-Ling, Leaf, Retsuko, Crash, DK & Emerald voting Kano for being too dangerous & unpredictable at times, due to him being a Criminal, while the other half, Kaya, Min Min, Christie, R.Mika, Kano, Shantae voting Leaf for being too serious to have fun in the competition. However, both campers, Kano & Leaf ended up in a tie, so SplitSide spins the final wheel of choice that one of the eliminated contestants had to determined the tie breaker & it landed on Lujuan. So SplitSide calls Lujuan to see who is eliminated, either Kano or Leaf. With Lujuan keep forgetting who they were, Leaf blows her top that she was on the same show with her, which causes Lujuan to vote Leaf for being scary, much to the shock of Emerald & even Kano himself, who suddenly snapped & turned to the campers that voted against him angrily, saying that they are very lucky that he is still recovering from the log roll. Seeing this, Leaf leaves, with her defences dreams dashed, while Christie, R.Mika, Shantae, Kaya & Min Min we're sorry for not seeing this earlier, as Leaf sails away on the Boat of Losers.

Day 15: Search & Do Not Destroy (Winner: Kano)

While Kano tries apologising to the group from his previous outburst about the tie breaker between Kano & the recently eliminated Leaf, the challenge is a pirate themed treasure hunt, with each player finding their own keys with clues hand picked on where to find them & unlocking their treasure chests to receive their rewards, especially with one chest holds Invincibility. The 11 campers grab their clues on how & where to find the keys, which are safely hidden at:

  • Squirrels - Crash (Success: Giving a lot of Acorns to the Squirrels, who rewarded his kindness with a key)
  • Bears - Kaya (Success: Quietly Grabbing the key while the Bears' asleep)
  • Snakes - Min Min (Success: Charm the Snakes with her Dragon Arm)
  • Sharks - Retsuko (Success: Scares away the Sharks)
  • Beehive - R.Mika (Success: Giving Flowers & Apples to Bees that has give the key to her)
  • Skunk - Xiang-Ling (Success: Sucessfully grab the key quietly from the Skunks)
  • Crocodiles - Kano (Success: Use Meat as bait for the Crocodiles while he goes for the key)
  • Monty Python Rabbit - Emerald (Success: Fought the Monty Python Rabbit with scars & scratches)
  • Kitchen - Shantae (Sucess: Use Spider Transformation to use stealth on grabbing the key from the safe from Doomsday)
  • Flaming Hoops - Christie (Success: Used her Athletic Capoeira training to jump through the hoop to grab the catch without getting burned)
  • Tallest Tree - DK (Success: Grabed the key from the tallest top of the tree)

With everyone got their keys, they begin opening their chests, most are simply random items, Christie with Toaster, Kaya with accordion, DK & Shantae with cologne, Emerald & Retsuko got leg lamp, Min Min got ships in a bottle, Xiang-Ling got chips & soda, even Crash & R.Mika got duds that won't open any chest, leaving Kano to win a gift basket with an invincibility card claiming that Kano wins.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Retsuko)

With the new Coloured Marshmellows come into play for the merge, with only 9 Marshmellows, with Kano having a grey marshmellow, only one will be voted out. The marshmellows go to as follows... Brown for DK, Rainbow for R.Mika & Cyan for Kaya for somehow saving each other from the tree fall... Red for Shantae & Green for Emerald... Orange & Yellow for Min Min & Green, Yellow & Blue Brazil Coloured marshmellow for Christie & with only either the White & Cyan for Xiang-along or the Yellow & Black for Retsuko. It is the toughest decisions they have to make, but due to Kano's immunty, they had no choice, while the last marshmellow goes to... Xiang-Ling with a white & cyan marshmellow, due to Emerald's vote wanting her to stay even more despite her missing from the skunk hole home. The 2nd elimination caused Retsuko to snap & begins scratching & clawing the cast before leaving, claiming that's the last time she gets into a game show. While everyone else give out apology cards & gift baskets to Retsuko to say that their sorry, this cause Kano to think that both Xiang-Ling & Emerald are a more dynamic duo alliance than he has thought, it would make things extremely difficult for the others to win invincibility If they keep winning until they get to the Final 2. Kano now knows what he has to do next.

Day 16: Hide & Be Sneaky (Victory: Kaya, Christie, Crash, Kano & Shantae)

The Challenge is a plain & simple game of Hide & Seek, only with the contestants as the hiders & Doomsday as the seeker with his skills of manhunting & his superhuman abilities will make it extremely hard. The 3 options to win are, One Dont get discovered in your hiding spot, Run to Home Base before Muggshot catches any seeker or if you do get caught, help Muggshot find the rest of the hiders. Do any of those three & they will win invincibility. The contestants hiding spots were:

  • Xiang-Ling - Rocks
  • Shantae - Flower Fields
  • Kano - Camoflauge
  • DK - Cave disguised as Tribal Paint
  • Crash - In the Sand of the Beach
  • Kaya - Underwater
  • Min Min - In the Trees with her 2 Green Dragon Arms as camoflauged disguise
  • Christie - In the Bird's Nest of a Trees with Green Samba Feathers to be disguised as a green bird.
  • Emerald - Formerly Wade's Shelter, but changed to hide bushes
  • R.Mika - Formerly Wade's Shelter, but changed to hiding Big Bush.

Even if everyone had their hiding spots, Xiang-Ling got sprayed by skunks, same with Emerald, when she was going to share Wade's hiding spot with R.Mika, while Emerald forced R.Mika out while she passed out, causing R.Mika to go back & pull Emerald out of there & place her in a bush while hiding in another bush as the challenge is on, as Doomsday begins the seeking, with his enchanted senses caught & sprayed Emerald & Xiang-Ling. Doomsday then check the caves where DK is hiding, while blocking the cave, thinking that someone would break out for oyxgen, in which DK is trapped. In the meantime, Min Min quickly moves from tree to tree, while Christie did the same, while gliding to home base, only to be caught & grabbed by the leg by Doomsday, squirting her with water. While Kaya is swimming underwater to home base, Crash tries Burrowing his way to homebase under the sand, but was stopped by Doomsday, with his foot stopping the Bandicoot, who screams a split second before getting grabbed by the belt, trying to run, even thou he's not moving. Kano tries getting to Homebase, but before he can do so, DK bursts out of the caves & start running in a panic in high speeds. Christie, who notices & found DK, grab onto his back trying to hang on, however DK ran into Kano, with 3 campers sent splashing into the waters, launching Kaya onto the lifeguard chair. Which leaves Kano to quickly try to dodge the water sprays, before making it barely. Doomsday rushes & punch Min Min before spraying her to catch her, thanking Crash for catching her, while Christie also catch DK. Doomsday also found R.Mika, who failed to trip Doomsday, who has moved an inch & insted, keep her grounded with his foot before spraying. Shantae quickly makes a beeline for the home base, while Doomsday rushes after her, but Shantae manages to make it just in time, ending the challenge with 5 invincibility winners. As Emerald & Xiang-Ling went for a shower, Kano begins explaining the rest about their dymanic duo team up.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Emerald)

With DK, Emerald, Min Min, R.Mika & Xiang-Ling left with 4 Marshmellows, each had racked up a couple votes, but only one can be eliminated. The Marshmellows go to... DK... Min Min... and R.Mika. Both sisters were shock that they are down to the two of the most & only one sister will stay, which is... Xiang-Ling. Meaning Emerald is eliminated in this game-changing shocker, due to how athletic she is & would be unfair to others without her knowing. As Xiang-Ling cry in tears that she can't go on without her, Emerald comforts her & encourages her to continue on without her, in order to keep on growing up on her own to be more brave, strong & smart against the danger ahead, to keep going for both sisters. Even reminding her of raising Damiana's spirit to help the heroes save Mobius is a big step of growing up. After a sweet group hug by the group, minus SplitSide, who looks on & Kano, who sneaks back to the cabin thinking he might get a rude awakenening for this strategy. Emerald leaves on the Boat of Losers, leaving 9 remaining Campers to honour her with the Hotrod Motorcyle Challenges that will be coming up next.

Day 17: That's Off the Chain (Winner: Xiang-Ling)

Hot Rod Motorcycle Challenge

The challenge is simple & to honour Emerald Neon. Building & racing on Motorcycles. For there are two rounds, The first round is to qualify for the TDI Motorcross, the 2nd is the TDI Motorcross which is risk vs reward. The designs for the Motorcycles are:

  • Christie - Brave Bird (Green, Yellow & Blue Brazilian Style with Green, Yellow & Blue Samba Feathers)
  • Crash - Crystal Catcher (Similar to his Motorcycle in Crash 3, but a bit more enhanced)
  • DK - Banana Bike (Jungle Theme with Banana decals)
  • Kaya - Snow Panther (Tribal Motorcycle with Ice)
  • Kano - The Dagger (Black Dragon Motorcycle)
  • Min Min - Dragon of Speed (Green Chinese Dragons)
  • R.Mika - Rainbow Rocket (Cyan with Rainbow Streaks)
  • Shantae - TigerSport (Golden Arabian Style with Red & Purple)
  • Xiang-Ling - Blizzard (Like Emerald's Bike, but with white & light blue colours with an icy feel)

For the First Round of the Challenge, the campers will be switching bikes, if their bikes makes it across the finish line, then the riders will get to ride their motorcycles for the TDI Motorcross. The bikers & their switched bikes are as followed:

  • Xiang-Ling got Dagger (Kano)
  • Kano got Banana Bike (DK)
  • DK got Crystal Catcher (Crash)
  • Crash got Dragon of Speed (Min-Min)
  • Kaya got Blizzard (Xiang-Ling)
  • Min-Min got Tigersport (Shantae)
  • R.Mika got Snow Panther (Kaya)
  • Shantae got Brave Bird (Christie)
  • Christie got Rainbow Rocket (R.Mika)

The first round of the race kicks off with the normal bike race around the track, with Xiang-Ling & Kano more determined. Even thou Xiang-Ling got first, while DK's bike slowed down from the weight of the bananas, while Kaya & Shantae catching up to Kano & passed him to be 2nd & 3rd. Min Min was in 4th place, while DK falls when Crash's bike break under his weight. Crash placed 5th, & Kano placed 6th while the race continued one for Christie & R.Mika. Christie makes it while R.Mika didn't, who Kaya's bike ran out of snow power. With 7 Invincibilty race winners Kano's Dagger, Xiang-Ling's Blizzard, Christie's Brave Bird, Min Min's Dragon of Speed, Shantae's TigerSport, DK's Banana Bike & R.Mika's Rainbow Rocket.

TDI Motorcross / Sudden Death Elimination (Elimintaed: Min Min)

The remaining 7 races are all set for the TDI Motorcross & starts racing together in the track, dodging the land mines hidden in the ramps, in which R.Mika failed to do so & was blasted out of the race by a land mine, since her bike used up all of the gas in the tank too quickly to ran out, due to being a rocket type bike. Xiang-Ling zooms past DK & Shantae who were spinning dizzy from the speed. Next the campers manuever past the oil slick, while DK & Shantae fail to do so, crashing into the oil, covered in it. Finally the 4 campers attempt to jump over the Pirahna Pool, in which all did successfully with Xiang-Ling in 1st, Kano in 2nd & Christie glides into 3rd place, soars like a Brave Bird as the name of her bike suggested & finally Min Min makes in 4th. At first they thought that their all safe, but SplitSide breaks it to them that R.Mika, DK & Shantae already wiped out & didn't complete the race so they never cross the line at all, which makes Min Min the last one to cross the line, which means that Min Min is eliminated from the show. As Min Min load her stuff on the Boat of Losers, the rest of the campers, minus Kano, told her that she'll be more than just the girl that hands out the Ramen Noodles, she's a great friend, much to Min Min's joy in her heart, cuddling the group. Min Min leaves the island, whole the Final 8 are prepared for a spooky filled Movie Night, unaware that it's gonna be much more than a movie night, as red eyes begin to glow ominously from the bushes in the woods.

Day 18: Hook, Line & Screamer (Winner: Xiang-Ling)

The Final 8 watch the Scary Movie of the Psycho Killer, which is very scary in Movie Night. But when they are finished watching, they notice the Boat of Losers driving away, leaving the 8 campers behind that no one was eliminated, but instead an evacuation in a panic. DK found a newspaper in the bag & was scared on what he read, Kano reads it for the group to hear that an escaped Psycho Killer is on the loose. Now most scared that the killer is somewhere on the island, the 8 campers head back to camp, while Kano discuss on how to survive in a horror movie, all unaware that it's secretly a horror movie simulation challenge on watching a scary movie & survive one. However, before they had a chance to catch their breathe, the Psycho quickly ambushes at the 8 campers, chasing them out of camp & in the woods where the campers hide away there. With the campers learning that the Psycho is smart, they need to hurry & head back to gear up, before Kano had to save Crash & R.Mika from being captured by the Psycho, due to his experience with horror filled experiences. The campers head back when realising that the Freeze Ray & bow & arrows were missing, unaware that Kaya was quietly kidnapped quickly & was brought to the secret tent, where SplitSide explains to Kaya that the good news is that she's safe & the Psycho is actually an actor, the bad news is that Kaya lost the challenge. Back to the 7 campers, they made it back to camp, but realised that Crash & R.Mika we're missing again, Crash was following a trail of whumpa fruit, too stupid to understand that the Psycho laid the trail for him to be captured along with R.Mika who was trying to stop him. With both Crash & R.Mika captured & taken to the tent, the remaining 5 continues searching in the camp for anything they can use for a weapon like sticks, stones, & metal pipes. Shantae found the weapons under the cabin & was about to give the Freeze Ray & bow & arrows back to the group, but her legs were caught in a pulling snare trap set up by the Killer & was pulled away to the secret tent screaming. Christie, DK, & Kano prepare themselves, unaware that Xiang-Ling entered inside one of the cabins either Kano or Leaf cabin to cut the rope & grabbing the weapons & wearing camoflauged to hide from the Pyscho. Meanwhile, the Psycho secretly cues the Police Siren sound effect, which cause Kano to run away in a panic, while Christie & DK tries to follow, but DK was sucker punched & dragged into the tent by the Psycho. While Christie & Kano were arguing about the police situation with Christie thinking the police would help us, while Kano think otherwise, Christie found a net with rope & a giant log & gets an idea for a trap & sets it up, before getting grabbed & taken to the tent, leaving Kano & Xiang-Ling the only two left in this challenge. Kano has had enough & fights the Pyscho Killer for the heck of it. The fight was brutal, until Xiang-Ling ambushes the Psycho, blasting him into the trap that sets off when the Psycho trips on a rope that sets off the net that traps him & got smacked into the pit by a giant swinging log. With that SplitSide comes back with Kaya, Crash, R.Mika, Shantae, DK & Christie, congratulating both Xiang-Ling & Kano on winning the challenge, while Xiang-Ling wins invincibility. Also explaining the group that it was all part of the challenge & the Psycho Killer is actually an actor playing the part. The 8 campers relax while they head out to the Ceremony.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Crash)

With 7 Marshmellows on the plate, they know the rules by now & when SplitSide call their name, they must come up & claim their Marshmellow. The Marshmellows go to... Xiang-Ling. Kano for lasting as long as Xiang-Ling... Christie for setting up a nice trap... R.Mika & Shantae... with 2 Marshmellows left while Crash, DK & Kaya remain. The Marshmellows go to... DK... and...... Kaya. Crash is a bit surprised & sad that he's eliminated, while Kaya has been told that he followed a trail of fruit that lead him to be caught with R.Mika in the first place. Crash may not be bright, but he has a big heart, which is why Crash will be missed. As Christie, DK, Kaya, R.Mika, Shantae & Xiang-Ling give Crash a group while waving goodbye to him, while Crash spins his way out of the island to float the Loser Boat home, placing in 8th place overall, leaving 7 remaining Campers.

Day 19: Wawanakwa Gone Wild (Winner: Kaya)

The challenge for the Final 7 is catching a wild animal to bring it back to camp unharmed like great rangers & game wardens. The winner of the challenge is a meal of all of their favourite foods. With that, they first choose their animal assignments which are...

  • Christie: Duck
  • DK: Deer
  • Kano: Bear
  • Kaya: Beaver
  • R.Mika: Raccoon
  • Shantae: Chipmunk
  • Xiang-Ling: Skunk

Then the 7 campers proceed to find any critter catching equipment & gear that might help, Xiang-Ling with a skunk suit disguise, Kaya with a beaver caller, Christie with duck bait, Shantae with a towel & a burlap sack & Kano with a trash can of garbage & a giant net, while DK, R.Mika were a bit confused on what to find. The group heads out to begin their search. They all struggle at first, especially Kano, but most of them manage to catch their animal, with Kaya using a Beaver Call to lead the Beavers to the cage to win the dinner in 1st, with Xiang-Ling in 2nd thou used the disguise to befriend the skunks before passing out from the skunks' skunk gas & get carried with the Skunks to the cage, DK got 3rd after fighting against the noble deer & won to befriend it & bring it back to camp, Shantae got 4th when befriending & being gentle with the Chipmunk to bring it back as well, Christie got 5th when chasing a fast running duck, while using duck bait to lead it to camp, like a duck to water. Meanwhile, R.Mika was chased by rabid raccoons, while Kano is attacked by a disturbed bear, in latter falls asleep by Kano's tranquilliser gun with sleep darts, but has to carry the sleeping bear with all his might, but with little & slow effect. Both of them hurry to the finish line, but R.Mika quick & agile athletic skills, impressed the Raccoon that latched onto her back

"More Coming Soon"

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Kano)

"More Coming Soon"

Day 20: Trail by Tri-Armed Trianthlon (Winners: DK & Xiang-Ling)

Tri-Armed Trianthlon (Christie & Kaya vs. DK & Xiang-Ling vs. R.Mika & Shantae)

Challenge #1: Competitive Chowdown (Round 1 Winners: DK & Xiang-Ling)

Challenge #2: Shipwreck Island Journey / Coin Curse Breaker (Round 2 Winners: Christie & Kaya)

Challenge #3: Totem Pole of Shame & Humiliation (Round 3 Winners: DK & Xiang-Ling)

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Rainbow Mika)

The Campefire ceremony begins with 3 marshmellows left since Xiang-Ling & Donkey Kong already won invincibility 2 to 1 to 0. The first two marshmellows go to... Kaya & Christie. Leaving only R.Mika & Shantae left who have yet to won the challenge. With that being said, the last marshmellow goes to... Shantae. With her will to continue for her closest friend Tracer, R.Mika is left eliminated in 6th. But at least now she gets to enjoy the show & make new friends, despite her wrestling stadium dreams being dashed. R.Mika cuddles the group before heading out on the Boat of Losers, unaware that her destination is her invitation to a special resort for the Eliminated Campers, Playa De Losers.

Day 21: Haute Camp-ture

Eliminated Campers' Voting Ceremony (Eliminated: Donkey Kong)

After mostly everyone gave their honest opinions about the Final 5, their own voting ceremony begins only this time SplitSide won't repeat the last time, due to so much confusion & anger. So their proper votes are as follows:

  • Octavia - Xiang-Ling
  • Kano - Xiang-Ling
  • Leaf - DK
  • Min Min - DK
  • Retsuko - DK
  • Yori - Kaya
  • Balrog - Xiang-Ling
  • Grizz - Xiang-Ling
  • Emerald - DK
  • Faith - DK
  • Crash - Christie
  • Vanoss - Kaya
  • Tobe - DK
  • Unikitty - Kaya
  • R.Mika - Kaya
  • Lujuan - N/A / Seagull & Krabby (Doesn't Count)

With the eliminated contestants having decided, that's no votes for Shantae, 1 vote for Christie, 4 votes for Kaya & Xiang-Ling & 6 votes against DK, meaning... Donkey Kong is eliminated & now in 5th place, leaving the final 4 to be an all out girl power for the win, with Christie, Kaya, Shantae & Xiang-Ling in the Final 4.

Day 22: Camp Castaways

Hybrid Island

Due to the heavy rain & a long delay, Christie, Kaya, Shantae & Xiang-Ling were all swept away in one big cabin by the heavy rain on this new deserted island & now surprised on where they are swept away now, the 4 decided to calm down & work together to establish order if they wanted to survive. So the 4 girls search the island for fruits, berries & even tries fishing them out of the water, but Kaya tried catching the fish herself, but froze it by accident. During their time of gathering food, Xiang-Ling was quickly captured by a hybrid of Skunk & Bear, which is a Skear, dragging her unconscious body into a cave. It is clear that the deserted island their own is the Hybrid Island of fusion animals, much to the even bigger surprise for the women. Christie, Kaya & Shantae quickly begins searching for Xiang-Ling together with Christie checking the snow area, Kaya searching in the sandy area & Shantae searching in the jungle area. So far, Christie checked the aggressive Seams, a fusion of Seals & Rams, and the Owluins, a fusion of Owls & Penguins, but no Xiang-Ling here. Christie is shivering cold, while the Owluins cuddle Christie for warmth since they are friendly, until they reach the sandy area. With Kaya she tries to search the Sandy Area, but was interrupted by Piraneleons, fusion of Pirahanas & Chameleons & the Sharkrilla, fusion of Shark & Gorilla, thinking that Kaya is a human & humans are hostile to the hybrid animals, the Sharkrilla quickly chases Kaya in the island, with Kaya finding a cave with Skear sleeping with the Xiang-Ling, but was ambushed & taken to the centre of the island by Sharkrilla. Meanwhile, Shantae climbs from trees to trees in monkey form, in the jungle area, before changing back, wondering where Xiang-Ling could be before she was greeted by Chimpras, a fusion of Chimps & Cobras, surprisingly friendly to Shantae, since she is a Half-Genie & a hybrid of Human & Genie herself & decides to help her find Xiang-Ling by leading Shantae to a cave. After thanking the Owluins for comfort & warmth in the snowy area, Christie arrive in another part of the Jungle area, only to be ambushed by raging Squirrcoons, agressive fusion of Squirrels & Raccons, before Christie quickly breaks free & makes a run for it with her acrobatic & athletic skills, but Squirrcoons have the high speeds of the Squrriel & runs faster. But Christie manages to hide in the bushes, but then finds Kaya in the centre pond, being thrown into their by Sharkilla, after his lunch with her. Christie hears more Squirrcoons coming due to following her scent, having no choice, Christie dives into the centre pond to hide in there, but it was actually a healing pond for Kaya, but was accicently fused into Khristya a fusion of Christie & Kaya instead, actually giving the Hybrid Animals a warm welcome to her & then warns her about Xiang-Ling being in danger of becoming the Skear's dinner. Khristya rushes as fast as she can where she meets Shantae thwre, who hardly recognises her at first, but was surprised by her fusion accident in the healing pond. But then the two team up to get Xiang-Ling to safety away from the sleeping Skear, with the help of the Foxbits, the fusion of Foxes & Rabbits, took her place so that the girls could escape to shore. Splitside & Fluttershy, arrive on a helicopter & had found the 3 & let them inside the helicopter. After the explination of the fusion accident, given to Splitside, he decides to count the fusion as part of the Final 3 with Shante & Xiang-Ling, due to time constraints with his manager. With Shantae, Xiang-Ling & the newly fused Khristya in the Final 3, they fly back to Blunt Island with SplitSide & Fluttershy to prepare for the Spin the Bottle challenge for the Semi Finals.

Day 23: I Triple Dog Dare You! (Winners: ??? & ???)

Sudden Death: Spin the Bottle! (Khristya vs. Shantae vs. Xiang-Ling)

"More Coming Soon"

Character Cast

X = Eliminated


  • SplitSide (Host)
  • Doomsday (Assistants)
  • Fluttershy (Doomsday's Friend)

Contestants (4/22)

  • Balrog X
  • Emerald Neon X
  • Kaya (Fused into Khristya with Christie in Day 23 & 24)
  • Leaf X
  • Lujuan the Panda X
  • Min Min X
  • Octavia Baxter X
  • The Grizz X
  • Unikitty X
  • Vanoss X
  • Xiang-Ling Zhou
  • Busby the Bobcat X
  • Christie Monteiro (Fused into Khristya with Kaya in Day 23 & 24)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Returned in Day 14) X
  • Donkey Kong X
  • Faith X
  • Kano X
  • Rainbow Mika X
  • Retsuko (Returned in Day 14) X
  • Shantae
  • Tobe X
  • Yori Matsuoka X


  • Sink or Swim - Jump off a cliff to the safe zone. The winning team get extra parts to work on the Hot Tub in the next challenge for Invincibility.
    • Advantage: WaterSoakers
    • Winner: FrostBites
  • The Awake-a-thon - After a run around the lake for a feast, both teams must stay awake the longest, the team with the last person awake wins Invicibility.
    • Feast: Unikitty, Retsuko, Grizz, Leaf, Octavia, Emerald, Crash, Donkey Kong, Yori, Lujuan & Kaya
    • Winner: WaterSoakers (Kano)
  • DodgeBall - Best of 5 Games of Dodgeball wins Invincibility.
    • Winner: FrostBites (Emerald & Kaya)
  • Talent Show - Both Teams must choose 3 of the most talented campers each to gain the best scores to win invincibility.
    • Winner: FrostBites
  • Camping Trip - Both Teams must go out camping in the woods for the night & come back to camp first thing in the morning before the other Team does to win. And also to watch out for bears.
    • Winner: WaterSoakers
  • Phobia Factor - Both Teams have to face their own fears to gain points for their team. One point for each fear being conquered. The team with the most contestants that conquers their fears, wins invincibility.
    • Winner: FrostBites
  • Canoe Trip to Shipwreck Island - Both Teams have to paddle their canoes to Shipwreck Island & must portage their canoes to the other side of the island, which is a 2 mile hike through the jungles, before they create the best rescue fire, before paddling back to the Island.
    • Winner: WaterSoakers
  • Splatoon Style Paintball Deer Hunt - Both Teams' Hunters have to splatter paint on the opposing teams' deer to score points for their team. The team who splattered the most opposing team members win.
    • Winner: WaterSoakers (Deer: Shantae)
  • 3 Course Meal Cooking Challenge - Both Teams must cook a 3 course meal to serve to the judges for taste testing. The Team who cooks the best meals will win invincibility.
    • Appetiser: Dumplings / Fruit Salad with Shredded Coconut
    • Main Course: Ramen Noodles / Roasted Meat with Honey
    • Dessert: Moon Cake / Banana Smoothies
      • True Winner: WaterSoakers (Normally FrostBites, but was changed due to Unikitty's flavour magic that is not from shipment)
  • 5 Trust Challenges - Both Teams must work together in challenges that centres around building trust. Best 3 out of 5 wins.
    • Rock Climbing Adventure: FrostBites
    • Extreme Cooking Challenge: WaterSoakers
    • 3 Blind Challenges (Rounds 3, 4 & 5)
      • Blind Reverse William Tell: WaterSoakers
      • Blind Trapeze: FrostBites
      • Blind Tobogen Race: FrostBites
        • Winners: FrostBites (3 out of 5)
  • Doomsday's & Fluttershy's BootCamp - Both Teams must endure the Boot Camp trails & training until everyone drops out, except for one. Last one standing wins Immunity for the team.
    • Canoes Lifting (Out: Yori)
    • BootCamp Food (Out: Min Min & Christie)
    • Brutal Dancing (Out: Leaf)
    • 300 Word Essay (Out: DK & Kaya)
    • Obstacle Course (Out: Xiang-Ling & Shantae)
    • Hanging Upside Down (Out: Vanoss, R.Mika & Emerald)
      • Winner: Kano (WaterSoakers)
  • Extreme Sports Challenge (Best 2 out of 3) - Both Teams must win 2 out of 3 Extreme Sports Challenges to win immunity.
    • Extreme Sofa Bed Skydiving: FrostBites (Emerald)
    • Extreme Rodeo Bull/Moose Riding: WaterSoakers (DK)
    • Extreme WaterSkiing: FrostBites (Kaya & Leaf)
      • Winners: FrostBites
  • Stomaches of Steel (Best 5 out of 9) - Both Teams must eat all 9 course meals to win a reward trip to the resort.
  • Winners: FrostBites
  • Say Uncle - ???
  • Pirate Themed Treausre Hunt - ???
  • Doomsday's Hide & Seek - ???
  • Emerald Neon Memorial Motorcycle Challenge - ???
  • Psycho Killer / Horror Movie Simulation Challenge - ???
  • Animal Catching / Rangers & Game Warden Challenge - ???
  • Tri-Arm Trianthalon - ???
  • Spin the Bottle - ???
  • ???


  • 24th/Last - Bubsy (The WaterSoakers, Eliminated by Everyone on his team for accidental sabotage on their own hot tub that cost them the challenge)
  • 23rd - The Grizz (The FrostBites, Eliminated because they cannot trust a leader of a gang of criminals)
  • 22nd - Crash Bandicoot (The WaterSoakers, Eliminated for being the opposing Team's easy target for DodgeBall, while he is eliminated for his safety, even if he tried his best.)
  • 21st - Tobe (WaterSoakers, Eliminated because of his blunder in the Talent Show Challenge, cost his team the win)
  • 20th - Balrog (FrostBites, Eliminated, due to Lujuan innocently found a ring that is used for Mind Control, causing the FrostBites to think that Balrog would Mind control them in his favour.)
  • 19th - Faith (WaterSoakers, Eliminated, due to her frightful fear of the Zombies from her past life that made her an orphan in the first place, before she was adopted by Papyrus)
  • 18th - Lujuan (FrostBites, Eliminated, due to being the Odd One Out of the Canoe Trip challenge & secretly according to Octavia that Lujuan's cute stupidity had slowed the team down, thou to everyone else, it is a very tough voting session)
  • 17th - Octavia (FrostBites, Eliminated, due to being a loose cannon & cannot risk anymore injuries to other campers in this show.)
  • 16th - Unikitty (FrostBites, Suddenly Eliminated, due to costing her team the win by using flavour magic, that is not from the shipment, on Dumplings & Moon Cake)
  • 15th - Retsuko (WaterSoakers, Eliminated, due to two things, the first being her rage & anger is a little too much lately in the more recent Challenges & the other being eliminated for her health & safety, due to being injured from the Jellyfish, due to a Blind Trapeze mishap with Yori)
  • 14th - Vanoss (FrostBites, Eliminated, due to Emerald being a more valuable member of the team & the first to fall from the final part of the Challenge.)
  • 13th - Yori (WaterSoakers, Eliminated, due to her invisibility makes her teammates hard to see her & keeps bumping into her & cost the team the Sofa Bed Skydive & WaterSkiing)
  • 12th - Leaf (Eliminated by Tie Breaker, when she almost lost it, causing Lujuan to vote Leaf off, due to being too serious all the time.)
  • 11th - Retsuko (Eliminated, due to Emerald's vote for keeping Xiang-Ling in the game more. Due to their sister like bond. And the fact that Kano wins immunity, leaving the campers with no other choice left.)
  • 10th - Emerald (Eliminated, due to Kano convincing the rest of the campers that her sisterly alliance with Xiang-Ling planning on being in the Final 2, could be extremely difficult & a bit unfair to the rest of the campers of their small chances of winning.)
  • 9th - Min Min (Eliminated due to coming in 4th place, being the last one to cross the finish line, due to R.Mika, DK & Shantae's wipeout that got them out of the race & never cross the line at all)
  • 8th - Crash (Eliminated due to his stupidity on following a trail of Whumpa Fruit, that was laid by the Pyscho, in order to catch him & R.Mika in the first place, despite having a big heart, Crash lacked in brains in certain moments.)
  • 7th - Kano (Eliminated, due to having nothing left after the Big Merge & is becoming a big target for other campers & since villains like Kano never win, while also being caught by a bear, thou slowed down to last by the bear's heavy sleep)
  • 6th - R.Mika (Eliminated, due to she & Shantae lost all 3 Challenges, while Shantae's will of keep going for her closest friend Tracer, that voted R.Mika off the island.)
  • 5th - Donkey Kong (Eliminated, due to a voting ceremony by the Eliminated Contestants, with 6 votes against him with most of them thinking that he lacked the brains to continue, others would say he's large in size in the competition & somehow slowly didn't like eating the same thing over again, with the exception being bananas of course, since DK loves bananas)
  • 4th/3rd - ???
  • 2nd (Runner-Up) - ???
  • 1st (Winner!) - ???


  • This is a Remake of the original Total Drama Saga, Which was a long lasting saga during the Netherealm War Trilogy. There are some different in cast thou, With SplitSide being the only returning character.
    • It should be noted that there even a future planned of another saga based on Total Drama Action, Which like before, Samantha don't know about do to her not seeing the show, But will make an exception to catch up on it if Spongebob100 like to do the saga. This would involve including the characters from both this saga and the past saga.